Back Pain Explained

Thousands of people all over the UK suffer from back pain on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be hard to determine just why someone suffers with a bad back, and treatments that soothe the pain can be hard to find.
The back is very complex and has: 24 bones which all support your upper body weight, shock absorbing discs which cushion the bones and enable the spine to bend, ligaments which connect the vertebrae and discs, tendons which hold the muscles to vertebrae and the spinal cord which carries nerve signals to the brain and around the body. Most cases of back pain are to do with the lower back as this is the lumbar region which supports your entire upper body weight and any weight you are carrying. Many find purchasing an electric bed can relieve pain successfully.
Back pain can be put into two classes: specific and non-specific. Specific back pain is linked to an underlying medical condition or spine damage. Non-specific back pain is where the pain derives from sprains, strained muscles or an irritated nerve. Around 1 in 5 people visit their doctor with a back pain complaint every year. Back pain is labelled chronic back pain if it lasts longer than six weeks.
There are various treatments which can help soothe or cure back pain such as: painkillers, acupuncture, chiropractic and exercise. Adjustable beds can effectively soothe back pain for those suffering from back problems. An adjustable bed does not cure the problem but can make life much more manageable as your back is supported whilst you sleep helping you sleep better during the night,

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