Not a Dry Eye in the House

Dry eyes are a common problem for many people. Symptoms often present themselves as redness or itchiness and a lot of sufferers do not realise how easy it is to overcome these.

Many things, straining your eyes, hay fever or even hangovers, can cause dryness and overcoming these problems simply requires rehydrating them with water or in more extreme cases, the use of eye drops.

Our most commonly used solution is to simply bathe your eyes in cold water once or twice a day, this simply rehydrates the eyes and you will instant get relief, however this may not be prolonged.  For longer refreshment the best-used products are eye drops that you drop directly into the eye to make it feel less itchy, less sore and even less tired.

Having dry eyes can make a day at work in front of a glaring screen very uncomfortable, so we would recommend using eye drops daily if you want to keep your eyes in tip top condition.

There are various types of eye drops available on the market and we would recommend a retailer such as  Get Lenses. They provide a wide range of dry eye treatments and each one is explained in detail so as to enable you to make an informed decision.

Eye drops can differ in strength and some will suit you better than others. If you have chronically dry eyes, you might want to get something that can be applied more than once a day but if you are using drops as a preventative method, a simple once a day drop that aids freshness may suit you better.

If eye drops sound a little daunting, they also offer a smaller range of eye sprays that are slightly more comfortable to apply to your eyes but carry out similar roles. They can wash, cleanse and soothe tired eyes and can be used with lenses in place. This is particularly good for those who wish to fiddle with their eyes as little as possible!