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Omicron has weakened need for booster shots says official health news et healthworld

New Delhi: Large scale exposure to Omicron variant of Covid-19 has led to immune boosting in majority of the population, weakening the need to get booster shots of Covid jabs, scientific assessment by government agencies show, a senior official source said.

booster shot for covid
booster shot for covid

However, the government will continue to give ‘precaution dose’ or third dose of Covid vaccine to those at high risk of infection and death from Covid-19 including health and frontline workers and elderly above 60 years.
“Repeated antigenic exposure always leads to immune boosting. The job of the vaccine is to expose people to antigen but the way Omicron has spread, it has already opened up people to antigen which usually help produce immunity to fight the disease. Having said that, it (Covid-19) is a new disease and there are no set patterns. Deliberations are going on worldwide,” a senior official said. The official underlined that many people got infected before receiving their second dose, which, therefore, got pushed by three months. Whereas, there were others who got infected after two doses and have possibly got additional immunity.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is expected to present some data on vaccines on Thursday. A total of around 2 crore ‘precaution dose’ or booster doses have been administered in the country so far since January 10.

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