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Corona Virus – All that you need to know! – #Thinkhealth blog

Don’t panic….. as an alternative, take precautions for avoiding an infection with 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Human Coronavirus has been probably the most heard phrase on this planet in current occasions, due to its outbreak which was acknowledged in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Human coronavirus is often thought of for inflicting the widespread chilly in in any other case wholesome folks. However, within the 21st century the 2 extremely pathogenic human Coronaviruses that are Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS- CoV) emerged from the animals bought for meals, they’re suspected to be reservoirs to trigger Global epidemics with a excessive price of morbidity and mortality. Because of the current outbreak in China, human Coronaviruses acquired extra consideration.

In December 2019, pneumonia instances of unknown trigger emerged in Wuhan, China with medical shows resembling viral pneumonia. After the correct evaluation of the decrease respiratory tract samples, indicating a novel coronavirus, it was named as ‘2019 novel coronavirus’ (2019-nCoV).

 Mode of Spread:

The preliminary unfold is assumed to be from animal to man, as the primary recognized contaminated people have been employees at a seafood market. But later unfold to a couple of people with 2019 novel Coronavirus indicated an individual to particular person unfold comparable to influenza and different respiratory pathogens’ unfold. It is assumed to have occurred primarily by respiratory droplets produced when an contaminated particular person coughs or sneezes.


Common signs reported are:

  1.       Fever
  2.       Fatigue
  3.       Dry Cough
  4.       Shortness of breath
  5.       Headache
  6.       Blood whereas coughing, chest ache
  7.       Sometimes diarrhea

Severe an infection can lead to pneumonia, kidney failure, and demise.

How is the analysis made?

Any particular person fulfilling the epidemiological and medical standards needs to be examined for 2019-nCoV. 

Epidemiological standards:  Any particular person with travel-history to Wuhan City, China within the 14 days earlier than the onset of sickness OR Any particular person being in shut contact with a laboratory-confirmed case of 2019 novel Coronavirus, 14 days earlier than the onset of sickness.

Clinical standards: Any particular person with medical signs appropriate with extreme acute respiratory an infection in search of healthcare or admitted to hospital with medical or radiological proof of pneumonia OR Any particular person with fever or current historical past of fever (>=38°C) and acute respiratory an infection (sudden onset of respiratory an infection with a number of of the next signs: shortness of breath, cough or sore throat)

Diagnosis is made by way of laboratory testing of respiratory specimens and serum (blood). The particular check presently beneficial by WHO for the analysis and affirmation of 2019-nCoV is by real-time RT-PCR.


Currently, there isn’t a particular remedy beneficial for the respiratory sickness attributable to the ‘2019 novel coronavirus’. Symptomatic remedy is given to assist relieve signs. Support for the important organ operate needs to be given in extreme instances.

How can you shield your self?

  1.  Washing fingers for at the least 20 seconds with cleaning soap and water when you come residence from the surface is advisable.
  2.  You also can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when cleaning soap and water are usually not obtainable
  3. Avoid touching your eyes and nostril repeatedly.
  4. Covering your nostril and mouth whereas you cough or sneeze with tissue is advisable
  5.  Avoid shut contact with people who find themselves sick with respiratory signs. 
  6.  It is advisable to keep at residence when you are sick so that you don’t unfold germs to others.
  7.  It is important to clear and disinfect objects and surfaces regularly.
  8. Avoid large gatherings and crowded locations.
  9. People with different power medical circumstances, aged, infants and youngsters need to be given particular safety and care
  10. Pregnant girls too need to take additional precautions to keep away from the an infection with Corona Virus 

 Avoiding publicity to the virus is one of the best ways of prevention.

Currently, there isn’t a vaccine for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Trails are occurring for a similar.


– Dr. Y. Alekhya.

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