The Common Services Center (CSC) scheme by the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology has announced a dedicated helpline on WhatsApp called ‘CSC Health Services Helpdesk’ aimed to provide teleconsultation solutions for people including in rural and remotest parts of the country. The helpdesk on WhatsApp is said to make it easy for people to seek support from administration, consult with doctors, access a wide range of Covid related resources and get their queries addressed.

How to access CSC Health Services Helpdesk on WhatsApp

The CSC Health Services Helpdesk on WhatsApp is free to use and will be available in Hindi and English. To access the helpdesk, WhatsApp users need to send a ‘Hi’ message to the number +917290055552 and select the options to get connected to a doctor.

According to CSC, the helpdesk has been developed as an important and easily accessible extension of its goal to deliver healthcare services through channels that are socially, financially and digitally inclusive. It claims that the WhatsApp helpdesk will guide users to an appropriate doctor based on their specific health requirements across the areas of general health as well as related to Covid-19.

“We are deeply committed in ensuring that rural citizens get the best access to healthcare and infrastructural services. CSC’s tele-health consultation has played an important role in providing primary healthcare services at the grass-root level. We are confident that an extension of this on WhatsApp will be our next lever in ensuring that primary healthcare services are available to the remotest population in our country.” said Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO, CSC e-Governance Services India Limited.

“This chatbot has been uniquely built as a customised solution which will be beneficial for providing common services to people in India.We are thankful to WhatsApp for their collaboration, determination and all round support to make this chatbot so easy and seamless to use for people of India.” he added.