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Choose a suitable yoga mat for practicing hot yoga

The term ‘hot yoga’ is usually used to refer Bikram yoga. To practice this yoga, the room need to be heated up to at least 105º degrees. Moreover, these exercise to do warm up the body temperature which ultimately helps in loosing calories very fast. These are some of the basic reasons for which Bikram yoga is often termed as hot yoga. However, do practice this yoga efficiently; you need to use a mat. Otherwise, while trying out various postures of the exercise you might slip down and cause injury to yourself.

What kind of mats will be suitable for hot yoga?

Before you shop any kind of yoga mat , you should know about the available different kind of mats available especially for such fitness session. This is because, different kind of asana require different kind of mats. Hence you need to know about the specific type required for Bikram yoga. Knowing these types can actually help you to judge the difference that lies in the type of materials used to make such mats. Some of these types are:-

  • Premium yoga mat – The material used to make such mat has a cushioning effect. It is because of this material that makes the material thicker as compared to any other available mats.
  • Rubber yoga mat – Many individual prefer to use mat made of rubber. This is because it has a strong grip and hence saves from getting slipped down while practicing the exercises. However, people who are allergic to latex should avoid using such mats.
  • Environment friendly mat – An environment friendly mat is usually made of natural rubber. It is a biodegradable material. Using this mat helps you to grip it while learning the asana.

Once you know about these varieties, buying the appropriate product for yourself won’t be much difficult for you.  Hence, get hold of such mat to avoid being injured and practice the asana in the best way.


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