Cinnamon is tree that primarily grows in India, Indonesia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Vietnam. One of the oldest known species, cinnamon is prepared by drying the bark of the tree. The barks can be rolled into sticks that are called quills. You can also ground the dried bark into powder. The bark contains essential oil called cinnamonaldehyde which contributes to the aroma and flavor of cinnamon.

Cinnamon comes in four variations but the most popular of all are the Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is known as true cinnamon. It has a sweet taste and it is more expensive than the other variations. The quills of Ceylon cinnamon are softer and you can easily ground them in a coffee grinder. You can buy Ceylon cinnamon from specialty stores. Cassia cinnamon is darker in color. The quills are also harder. You can not easily ground it in a grinder.

People have been using this spice since time immemorial. However, other than adding flavor and taste to a recipe, cinnamon can actually offer a lot of health benefits. In Ayurveda, cinnamon has been mentioned as an effective remedy for indigestion, diabetes and colds. You will also find use of Cassia cinnamon in traditional Chinese medicines for flatulence, colds, nausea, painful menstrual periods and diarrhea. Cinnamon is also believed to improve vitality, energy and blood circulation. It helps to digest milk, other dairy products and fruits. It is also used in tea.

Recent scientific researches have found that cinnamon extract possesses end numbers of health benefits. A study result was published in the medical journal titled “Diabetes Care” in 2003 and it showed that sixty people who had Type 2 diabetes took cinnamon pills on a daily basis for 40 days and their blood glucose level was reduced by 18 to 29%, bad cholesterol level was reduced by 7 to 27% and triglycerides level was reduced by 23 to 30%.

Studies have also proved that cinnamon has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is quite effective in treating Candida Albicans, a fungus that causes thrush and yeast infections. It is also active against Helicobacter pylori, bacteria that causes stomach ulcer.

Regular intake of cinnamon can help you to stabilize blood glucose level and minimize sugar craving. It also aids in weight loss. This wonder spice is also good for cardiac health. Regular cinnamon intake can prevent strokes, heart attacks and other cardiac problems.

Though consuming cinnamon is safe, it is advised that you consult your doctor before consuming cinnamon pills. Especially if you are taking medicines for blood sugar or Type 2 diabetes you should not replace the medicine with cinnamon supplements until and unless you have spoken to your doctor.

Cinnamon contains a substance called Coumarin which has blood-thinning effect. Therefore it is crucial to consult your doctor before you take cinnamon supplements.

Cinnamon is rich in calcium, fiber, iron and manganese. If you suffer from bowel syndrome or constipation, consuming cinnamon pills can be beneficial for you.


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