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How does Colchicine Helps in preventing Gout Pains?

Colchicine is basically a drug that is used to cure gout attacks. This drug is a secondary metabolite & toxic natural product. Colchicine is extracted from a particular plant known as Colchicum i.e. autumn crocos, Colchicum autumnale, the common name of this plant is meadow saffron. Previous this was used in the treatment of rheumatic complaints mainly gout. Colchicine is also used for emetic and cathartic effects.

How to Treat Gout Attacks?

The treatment of gout starts with a successful diagnosis. The first step of diagnosing gout is by checking the level of uric acid crystals that gets accumulated in the joint areas. These crystals are as sharp as needles and are collected in the fluids of the joints thereby disturbing the proper functioning. The type of diagnosis in the treatment of gout is basically clinical. The diagnosis will be based upon the following factors of the patient:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Level of uric acid
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Diet

How the Drug Colchicine is used to treat Gout Attacks Effectively?

  • Patients should know that Buy Colchicine works more effectively when taken in low doses in gout attacks. An analgesic like paracetamol can be consumed for getting better effect in case of a severe gout attack.
  • In case you are suffering from acute gout pain and at that moment it is impossible to visit a doctor then for instant relief you can apply ice pack on the affected part and make use of a simple thing like a cardboard box in order to keep off the bedclothes during night.
  • Doctors advise the patients to keep the affected limb in an uplifted position. During attacks the patients should not wear uncomfortable clothes like shoes, socks etc.
  • The doctors should test that whether the patients who are facing terrible pains of gout face problem if a revised dose of Colchicine is given to them.

How should you Take Colchicine?

  • Initially a patient should intake 2 tablets of Colchicine and this will be followed by a single tablet of Colchicine in the duration of an hour.
  • Taking of more than 3 tablet of 1.5 mg Colchicine in the course of one’s treatment of gout attack is strictly restricted.
  • Moreover the repetition of the course of the treatment minimum for 3 days is also prohibited.

Things that a Patient should Discuss with His or Her Doctor before Taking this Drug 

  • The patient should inform about all the medicines he or she taking before starting with Colchicine
  • If you notice any kind of feeling of vomiting, nausea or diarrhoea associated with bruising or unusual bleeding or numbness or muscle pain or tingling in the toes and fingers or weakness then you should immediately stop taking Colchicine and consult your doctor.
  • While taking Colchicine you should not consume grapefruit or the juice of this fruit.
  • Colchicine drug cannot be considered as a painkiller and hence should not be taken in any kind of pain.

Other than gout this medicine is also prescribed by doctors for treating Behcet’s disease, pericarditis and familial Mediterranean fever. The medicine can serve the purpose of anticancer drug.

Author’s bio: Mary Watson is the author and a vast knowledge regarding Colchicine. Here he has explained the way in which one can use Colchicine for Gout treatment.


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