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How the HCG Diet Works

Many people have tried the HCG diet in hopes of losing weight and they had the same result – it worked. This weight loss program is based on the HCG hormone, a natural hormone that is found in pregnant women, and the same is believed to encourage the breakdown of unwanted fat in the body, thus producing energy that is made available for use. However, the HCG that is used in combination with a proper HCG diet recipe is a variant of the natural HCG found in women and is prepared in a laboratory.

HCG diet  different types of vegetables
HCG diet different types of vegetables

Burning fat



As such, the most important part that a HCG dieter should pay attention to is what they eat. This means that while the HCG works internally, you must ensure that your HCG diet recipe provides the calorie deficiency that will ensure that you are losing weight during the whole duration of your dieting. Of course this will take getting used to, especially during the first few days of switching to a HCG diet recipe, and you may experience mild hunger. However, within two weeks, your body should adjust to the change in metabolism, and you will also notice a change in your appetite as your meals follow a HCG diet recipe.


One of the frightening things about getting on a diet is getting off it. Many dieters, once they have experienced success, are afraid that they will immediately gain back the weight that they lost. However, this need not be so, especially with the HCG diet. After using HCG diet recipes for the duration of your diet, you will notice a change in your appetite, which allows you to modify your eating behavior for the long term comfortably. This is the ideal diet that transitions you into a healthy relationship with food.


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