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Know important things about power yoga

Power yoga as a field is one of the new additions to the world of yoga, which dates back to mid 1990s.

Power yoga is more or less like Ashtanga Yoga. However, this form of yoga does not comply with a set series of postures as Ashtanga yoga does. This yoga features a deeper and flowing trend than the light trend. Power yoga is something that has begun to charm everyday gym goers who see it as a technique to enhance flexibility and strength. Power yoga is a combination of practices, styles and postures from Ashtanga yoga and inhalation from Vinyasa style yoga.

The benefits of power yoga

You can get numerous advantages if you perform power yoga in a perfect manner. This yoga increases power by utilising your own weight as resistance, increases your flexibility through the lengthening of muscles and stretching, and enhances toughness by maintaining postures for longer periods.

If you practise this, your muscles are worked out. Therefore, this helps improve attitudes. Through the controlled movement of this yoga, you can get relief from stress and tension. This form of yoga is very popular among all types of athletes. This fortifies muscle and joints, therefore, bones and joints become less vulnerable to injury.

Selection of power yoga clothing

When you attend yoga classes to learn the techniques of power yoga, you must choose the right kind of apparels so that you can perform with accuracy. Your best choice of apparels must be loose and long pants, and fitted tank tops made of breathable fabrics. “Loose” signifies you must choose comfortable clothing and not a clothing that exposes accidentally during certain movements. Always get a small mat with you. Bring a suki sufu yoga towels as well to wipe the face and hands of sweat. You need to bring a bottle of water for re-hydration after class.


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