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Relieving stress in the workplace

Working in a busy office can be stressful. The problem can be ten times worse if you work in a customer facing role. Workers in the customer service industry know what real stress is and often, had no idea what it would be like before the chose this profession.

A customer has the ability to ruin your day with just a few rude comments and as you are a representative of your company, there is not much you can say to respond and get your own back as part of your business strategy probably isn’t to upset the customers! All this frustration can soon build up and this can be a leading factor in employees getting stressed in the workplace.

For some employees there may be times when stress builds up until it feels like too much to bear.Well fear not, here are three proven tactics that can help you calm your nerves and see the bright side in a bad situation.

Keep a stress ball handy

A small squishy ball is easy to keep in your drawer or on your desk and may seems like a strange form of stress relief but it works. When you squeeze and roll it around in your hands, it can help eliminate some of the day’s tension almost instantly. Having something to focus your energy on is a great way to distract your mind. It might sound a little crazy but you’ll be surprised just how effective this little ball can be!

Take deep breaths

It sounds incredibly obvious but taking deep and controlled breathes is one of the most effective techniques for relieving stress. If you’re a smoker, you might find that going out for a cigarette break in a moment of stress is what you need to help you calm your nerves, but think about it… what you’re actually doing is taking deep breaths. It’s not the cigarette that’s helping. SO next time you feel like you’re starting to get worked up, inhale and exhale a few times and you’ll notice yourself calming down soon. Make breathing exercises a habit and watch the stress melt away.

Make the most of your lunch break

Most people know that working out regularly has a significant effect when it comes to maintaining stress levels in theworkplace but unless you’re lucky enough to work from home, or you’re able to stay motivated even in the cold dark winter months, you probably don’t have much time before and after work to fit in regular exercise. Why not make the most of your lunch hour and fit in some exercise. This doesn’t have to be anything strenuous like a gym workout if you don’t have time, it could be going for a brisk walk outside or taking the stairs back up after lunch instead of the lift. Getting out of the office is a great way to break up the day and get away from all the chaos of the office for an hour.

Workplace stress is serious and if not managed correctly can lead to anxiety, headaches and high blood pressure. In the long-run your health will suffer. Reduce these effects as much as you can by following these simple techniques and making them part of your daily routine.


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