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colchicine tablets preventing gouts pains

How does Colchicine Helps in preventing Gout Pains?

Colchicine is basically a drug that is used to cure gout attacks. This drug is a secondary metabolite & toxic natural product. Colchicine is...
pills of Chondroitin

The Benefits Of Chondroitin

Sore joints, aching bones and stiff joints are the usual complaints that the elderly often face. It cannot be denied that these are the...
doctor wearing full ppkit with gloves to protect themself from new variant of covid

65 cases of norovirus reported till october 31 in india govt tells rajya sabha...

A total of 65 cases of Norovirus have been reported till October 31 in the country, of which 54 were from Wayanad and 11 from Alappuzha,...
A doctor Holding smart tabs

Acg launches smart connect product to monitor machines remotely in real time health news...

Mumbai: Integrated pharmaceutical solutions provider ACG has introduced an innovative product that connects production machines at any facility and stores the relevant information on...
alternative to medication

A guide to an alternative to medication

Tiffany Caronia lies on her back, fidgets for five seconds, and then slips into Savasana—palms up, legs ever so slightly externally rotated, a gentle smile...